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1.0 Registrar Requirements

Policy Version Control: 2.0

Date of Implementation: 20230525


2.0 Summary


This document sets forth the operating and policy requirements for registrars. Use of Registry Operator (“we” or “us”) for the .MUSIC Top Level Domain (“MTLD”) by Registrars are subject to this Registrar Requirements Policy (the “Policy”), which the Registry Operator may update from time to time. If not defined here, capitalized terms have the meaning stated in the Registry Registrar Agreement (“Agreement”) between registrar or other authorized user ("You") and Registry Operator.


3.0 Registrar Abusive Behavior


You agree to not engage in any abusive behaviors, including the following:


3.1 Abusive Registrant Usage. Allow registrants to use the Registry Operator Services in any manner that violates the Anti-Abuse and Legitimate Use Policy;


3.2 Engaging in deceptive practices including fraudulent attempts to manipulate transfers, or sending false or misleading notices to domain name registrants;


3.3 Taking any actions on a registered domain that are not in the interest of, or requested by, the Register Name Holder of a domain name, including but not limited to:


3.3.1 Restricting transfers of domain names to other registrars;


3.3.2 Registering domains for the registrar’s own purposes based on user queries (i.e. “Frontrunning”);


3.3.3 Failing to provide to Registered Name Holder the FULL forty-five (45) day Auto-Renew Grace Period (AGP) upon expiration of a domain name;


3.3.4 Marketing and pre-selling an expiring domain name during the AGP with the intent of auctioning or selling the domain name without explicit agreement from the Registered Name Holder.


3.3.5 Failing to provide to the Registered Name Holder the FULL thirty (30) day Redemption Grace Period (RGP) upon the deletion of a domain name following the AGP;


3.3.6 Renewing a domain name during the AGP for other than for use by the existing Registered Name Holder exclusively;


3.3.6 Redeeming a domain name during the RGP for other than for use by the existing Registered Name Holder exclusively;


3.3.7 Executing a Change of Registrant on a domain name during the AGP without explicit approval and confirmation from the existing Registered Name Holder.


3.3.8 Posting and promoting an expiring domain name on domain name auction sites and services.


3.3.9 Transferring domains to yourself or another registrant due to non-payment of fees or non-renewal of domain by existing registrant during the AGP


4.0 Registrar Notifications to Registrants


Registrars must provide notification to alert prospective registrants to the requirement of registering a MTLD domain name.


4.1 Required Notification Flows.


4.1.1 Pre-Registration. Registrar must clearly and conspicuously disclose as part of the registration purchase flow prior to purchase, not embedded in other terms of service, nor require the registrant to follow a link to obtain the information the Required Pre-Registration Notifications (4.2);


4.1.2 Post-Registration. Registrar must clearly notify and inform the registrant of the post registration requirements either as part of the purchase flow and/or in the email confirmation registration.


4.2 Required Pre-Registration Notifications. The following notifications must be included as part the MTLD domain name purchase flow:


4.2.1 MTLD domain names are a secured namespace and registrants are required to verify their identity with official government identification at the Registry Operator’s Identity Verification Solutions Provider (IVSP) post registration. Until the identity verification process is completed, the domain name will be put on Registry Server Hold.


4.2.2 MTLD is for the music community and industry thus requiring ongoing compliance of the Registry Operator’s Anti-Abuse and Legitimate Use policy to remain eligible.


4.2 Required Post-Registration Notifications. The following notifications must be included as part of the notices to registrants after registration of their MTLD domain name:


4.2.1 That MTLD domain names upon registration are placed under registry server hold and require verification with government identification at a Registry Operator’s ISVP for the registry server hold to be lifted. Those who fail to complete the identification verification process within ninety (90) days may have their domain name revoked without refund or placed under a Music Community Protection Lock (in accordance with the Anti-Abuse and Legitimate Use Policy).


4.2.2 MTLD domain names must be for legitimate use to promote and grow the music industry and community by: promoting legitimate, non-infringing creation, distribution, consumption, and promotion of music and music related activities and business in accordance to the Anti-Abuse and Legitimate Use Policy; Registrants found to be using MTLD domain names in violation of the Registry Operator’s Anti-Abuse and Legitimate Use policy may result in a Music Community Protection Lock or the revocation of domain name(s) from the seller or buyer without refund.


4.3 Not Required Notifications. For the benefit of registrants, numerous MTLD marketing material will be provided to the Registrar to use at their discretion; however, it is recommended by the Registry Operator that Registrars highlight that a primary directive of the MTLD is to protect music intellectual property, and prevent piracy which existing and future policies are to be enforced to achieve this aim.


5.0 Prohibition Against the Use of Proxy/Privacy Registration Services


Registry Operator is committed to ensuring that the MTLD is administered in a secure and stable manner and that the Whois data of domain names in the MTLD is reliable, accurate and up-to-date. Therefore, Registry Operator expressly prohibits the use of proxy or private domain name registration services by Applicants and Registrants. Registrars nor any of its resellers, affiliates, and/or partners are not permitted to offer proxy or private domain name registration services with the registration of a MTLD domain name.


6.0 Failure to Comply


6.1 Your failure to comply with this Policy may result in suspension or termination of the Agreement.


7.0 Amendments


Registry Operator reserves the right to modify this Policy at its sole discretion. Such revised Policy shall be posted on Registry Operator’s website at least fifteen (15) calendar days before its effective date. Therefore, it is important to check the effective date of the Policy posted here each time you use the Registry Operator’s website. By continuing to use the Services after we make changes, you indicate your consent to those changes.


8.0 Questions and Contact Information


Registry Operator wants to assure you that we are dedicated to protecting the rights of registrants. If you have questions or comments about this Policy, please contact * * *


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