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Your .MUSIC ID Passport Begins With Your .MUSIC Domain

Join the upcoming millions of musicians, professionals, and companies using their trusted and verified .MUSIC domain as the digital music passport to securely create, collaborate, curate, connect, share and sell everything music.

Your domain name and verified digital passport for everything music.

Trust and protection with your verified .MUSIC domain.

Your .MUSIC domain is your verified music identity - .MUSIC ID. The first branded domain and digital passport for the music community. You will need your .MUSIC ID passport to access the Music Hub .

Complements your existing website and social content. Use it as your full website or more importantly, use your .MUSIC domain as a digital passport and the Music Hub to leverage many free and paid music services.

You control your

.MUSIC domain!

For artists, musicians, and creators.

The only dedicated internet namespace exclusively for the global music community. People will trust a .MUSIC domain knowing it’s been verified for songs, tickets, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

  • A .MUSIC ID is your verified identity - your .MUSIC passport. Your .MUSIC ID is what grants you access to the Music Hub and other music related services.

  • The .Music domain is specially for the global music community and industry. Users must meet verification requirements to use their .MUSIC domain.

  • The .MUSIC domain name is for the global music community and its members. Verification protects the community from fraud and unwanted malicious behavior.

  • No. Your verification is included in your .MUSIC domain registration fee.

  • Your registered domain name will remain locked until you have completed your verification process.

  • The Music Hub is a set of services that is only available within the .MUSIC network and accessed by your MusicID. It is a free offering you get when you register your .MUSIC domain and get verified. See Music Hub for more information.

  • If you are registered in the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) and have a Signed Mark Data (SMD) file , you will be able to participate during our Sunrise Period. If you belong to a music community member organization, you will be able to participate during our Community Phase by reserving your domain name before the General Availability (GA) Period. GA will be a first come, first serve model for all music community members. See timeline and requirements here.

  • Click here to visit our Help Center.

  • The renewal price of your domain will vary depending upon the retail price set by your respective registrar or reseller.

The Global Music Community Support

The Global Music

Community Support

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